Three problems with Windows NT

Afan Ottenheimer afan at
Thu Dec 31 07:17:33 GMT 1998

1, 2, and 3 can all be caused by NT permissions vs ownership/login_name. 

Check to see who owns the files on the NT machine.
Check to see if you are logged in (under NT) as a user
who has Full access to those files. 

Check to see when you are logged in under Linux that it is as a name 
recognized by your NT machine and that that name has read/execute
permissions to the "blank" directory. 

Good Luck,
Afan Ottenheimer
afan at

>1. I copied two important files onto my NT box from my Linux box, then
>   deleted them from Linux.  Now as soon as I try to access them from NT,
>   NT tells me "Access to [filename] was denied".  Looking at the files,
>   they seem perfectly ordinary: permissions and attributes under NT are
>   all as normal.  It seems the files are corrupted when I copy them over
>   to the NT drive via Samba.  It is an NTFS drive, and I'm using file
>   compression.
>2. Whenever I log on to my Windows NT box, it prompts me for the password
>   for the shares I have created to directories on the Linux box, even
>   though the username and password that I am logging on to in NT are the
>   same as those in Linux (admittedly I did have to change the password in
>   Linux for this to be the case).  The NT user is "Administrator", however
>   I've translated this to "root" on the Linux box.
>3. Some of my Windows NT directories appear empty, even though they are not.
>   This is not just because they are invalid DOS names, because some of them
>   are valid DOS names, and similarly there are other directories that are
>   invalid DOS names that I can use with no problems.  For example when I
>   mount the c:/temp directory as /mnt/temp, I can't traverse below /temp
>   into its various subdirectories - they all wrongly appear to be empty.

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