Three problems with Windows NT

Jeremy Malcolm terminus at
Wed Dec 30 08:57:13 GMT 1998

I've just installed Samba with Red Hat Linux 5.2 and Windows NT Server 4.0
(just a two-machine home network) and I've encountered three problems which
I can't find answers to in the documentation or mailing list archive.
Problems #1 and #3 are the biggies:

1. I copied two important files onto my NT box from my Linux box, then
   deleted them from Linux.  Now as soon as I try to access them from NT,
   NT tells me "Access to [filename] was denied".  Looking at the files,
   they seem perfectly ordinary: permissions and attributes under NT are
   all as normal.  It seems the files are corrupted when I copy them over
   to the NT drive via Samba.  It is an NTFS drive, and I'm using file

2. Whenever I log on to my Windows NT box, it prompts me for the password
   for the shares I have created to directories on the Linux box, even
   though the username and password that I am logging on to in NT are the
   same as those in Linux (admittedly I did have to change the password in
   Linux for this to be the case).  The NT user is "Administrator", however
   I've translated this to "root" on the Linux box.

3. Some of my Windows NT directories appear empty, even though they are not.
   This is not just because they are invalid DOS names, because some of them
   are valid DOS names, and similarly there are other directories that are
   invalid DOS names that I can use with no problems.  For example when I
   mount the c:/temp directory as /mnt/temp, I can't traverse below /temp
   into its various subdirectories - they all wrongly appear to be empty.


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