Q: mapped drives do not appear

Scott Gasch scott at acm.vt.edu
Sat Dec 26 17:57:25 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I am having trouble with samba (version 2.0beta4) and I thought
someone might have seen this before.  From client PCs (win98
and winnt 4.0) I am able to see my samba server in net hood.  I
am able to browse the shared filesystems.  I am able to map 
drives.  However, when a network drive is mapped to a local
drive on a PC, it does not appear in the drive list in
explorer.  In a shell you can change to N: and see files.
In apps you can save to/read from N:.  But explorer does not
see the mapped drive... on either NT or 98.

I am trying to determine the win32 call that enumerates map-
ped drives and delve deeper into this problem.  It is an issue
for me because I have some novices using the pcs and I want
them to be able to use explorer on the shared drive because it
is an interface they understand.  I've looked high and low for
a published answer to this question to no avail.  If you have
any hints or have seen this before, please drop a line.

Appreciate it.

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