Problems with SMB.CONF (2nd)

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Fri Dec 25 10:43:08 GMT 1998


On Thu, 24 Dec 1998 17:39:22 +0100, Robert Dahlem wrote:


>>> >> >3. The "dont descend" parameter for the "root" share name has not any
>>> >> >   effect!

>Your logs show clearly that samba is using "./dev" instead of "/dev". As far as I 
>remember there is a hint in "man smb.conf" that one has to experiment a little 
>with i.e. "./dev" and so on.

>Would you please be so kind: try this and report about your (non-)success?

Ok, I messed around a little: It's indeed a little confusing because it depends on 
the behaviour of the client.

For getting an image of what is really happening, you can try the following: In 
trans2.c are two matches on "dirpath=<%s> dontdescend=<%s>". They both normally go 
for debug level 8. I lowered that to 2, recompiled and restarted smbd.

Then I made a connection, found out (with smbstatus) the associated PID and send a 
"kill -USR1 <PID>" to raise the debug level to 2 (I normally run with level 1).

Then I browsed around a little and watched log.smb filling with lines like

	dirpath=<proc> dontdescend=</proc,./proc>

So the clue was to add "dont descend = proc,/proc,./proc" to my smb.conf.

The man page is totally correct where it says:

	Note that Samba can be very fussy about the  exact  format
	of  the  "dont  descend" entries.


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