File locking

Joel Knight jwknight at
Wed Dec 23 18:40:56 GMT 1998

Hello list.

I have samba 1.9.18p10 running on a Linux 2.0.34 box serving win95 and 98
clients. My problem arises with file locking. When one of the clients 
opens a file, smbstatus shows the file as being open and locked which is
fine. When one of the clients saves the open file, smbstatus no longer
shows the file as being open. Is that normal behavior? Also, if a client
opens a file, and then closes it without saving, smbstatus shows that the
file is still opened. Is this also normal?

It seems to me that if someone opens a file, saves it, but doesn't close
it (as in my second example), that samba should still show that file as
being locked by that particular user. If it doesn't, does that not open up
the door for someone else to open the same file and risk data corruption?

Also, if my third example is proper behavior, is there a way to increase
the timeout on the file lock? How long will the lock normally last? I am
familiar with the 'deadtime' option, but in this case the client machine
is still connected and logged onto the network.

Any help/hints are really appreciated :)
Thanks in advance, and happy holidays to all.

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