Changes to smb.conf and nmbd

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Tue Dec 22 10:41:25 GMT 1998

[Apologies to sending to both samba & samba-technical lists - but I feel this 
is an issue to be aware of and an issue that may need fixing]

This is what I have discovered with Samba 1.9.18p10 on Solaris 2.5.1:

In contrast to smbd which checks its configuration files every minute or so, 
nmbd only does so on startup and on receipt of a HUP signal.  This is not 
documented in the nmbd manual page (that I could see) - I had to read the 
source (for which I am very grateful that it is there ...).

Furthermore when I changed the configuration - but adding a new include file 
to add the full list of interfaces plus some netbios aliases - nmbd took no 
notice of this.  Only when I restarted the daemon from scratch did the new 
netbios names be recognised and the extra interfaces bee listened to, take 

I am running nmbd & smbd as stand alone daemons and thus NOT using inetd.

Since 1.9.X is now a dead end, does 2.0:

a) nmbd regularly check conf files?

b) if not, does nmbd record its PID for ease of HUPing?

c) will it cope with any smb.conf change?  Or are there some changes that need 

Apologies if I have misunderstood how smb.conf changes are meant to happen ...

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