Problems with SMB.CONF

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Mon Dec 21 19:59:03 GMT 1998


On Tue, 22 Dec 1998 01:53:43 +1100, Majid Tajamolian wrote:

>I installed SAMBA-1.9.18p10 on my computer which is a LINUX 2.0.30 and
>configure it with the following smb.conf file:

>I have 3 problems:

>1. Win95 and NT clients can not browse this machine even after 30 minutes.

Is your nmbd process started? Did you run through DIAGNOSIS.txt?

>;   hosts allow = *
>;   hosts allow =
>;   hosts allow = 194.225.42.*
>   hosts allow = 194.225.42.

>2. As you see above, if I use a domain detector except with the format
>   "194.225.42." , clients on our LAN can not see my machine or connect to
>   it.

Cases 1 and 3 are clearly false. No asterisks are needed (man hosts_access).

Case 2 should work. How are the names of the clients resolved? Establish a 
connection from some client. Then do

	grep 139/tcp /etc/services

Look up the name in the first column (should be netbios-ssn or so)

Then do a 

	netstat | grep <name_you_found_in_services> | grep ESTABL

[Note that netstat sometimes abbreviates the output for the port name. Perhaps you 
have to try it without the grep's to get an impression how long the output is.]

You should get a list of connected clients. Just before the ":netbios-ssn" you 
should find the client names. Compare how they are resolved. I guess they have 
some other name than "<xxx>". Adjust your "hosts allow" option 

>3. The "dont descend" parameter for the "root" share name has not any
>   effect!

Did you try it without the spaces like it is described in the example in "man 

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