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Mon Dec 21 19:33:14 GMT 1998


On Mon, 21 Dec 1998 10:57:23 -0700, John Cartwright wrote:

>thanks for your reply and suggestion.  I had read the FAQ and thought
>that the line "allow hosts = 165.127.8., 127." would have included the

Excuse me for not looking exactly and thus ringing the FAQ bell to early: I 
expected and did not find it. What I did not see was "127.".

>In any case I changed it to read: 
>allow hosts = 165.127.8., 
>but still have the same results of being unable to change the password
>with smbpasswd nor connect with anything other than a null password.
>CAn you tell what I might be doing wrong?

You possibly have "interfaces = ..." without in your smb.conf

Check the output of 

	netstat -a -n | grep LISTEN | grep :139

Samba should listen either on *:139 or (as a bare minimum) an your_ip:139 and If not, something is wrong with your "interfaces", "bind interfaces 
only" or "socket address" options.

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