Samba deleting files?!

Roman Blöth bloeth at
Mon Dec 21 13:10:19 GMT 1998

Dear list,

Dan Kaminsky wrote:

>Boy was this embarassing to discover.
>Lemme guess, you're sharing a folder in /tmp :-)
>Move it to /usr/local/shares and you'll be fine.
>Now, there's a huge chance this isn't your problem, but it WAS mine and I
>lost a significant amount of data to it.  I also drove a major hole in to
>the wall with my head when I realized how obvious the error should have been
>to me :-)
>(/tmp clears out old files automatically in many Cron scripts.)

Well, placing shares in /tmp really is one bad idea. But no, I don't
have any shares in /tmp.

So I'd really like to know if noone else has this problem. Perhaps it's
got to do with the fact that I'm sharing directories with samba _and_
atalk at the same time?!

There really happen strange things on the file server and it's not
really reproduceable. Today we stated that tiff-graphics files created
on a Mac on the file server (using atalk) could not be opened with
Photoshop by one user connected to the file server via samba. So the
strange thing is that the tiff files themselves were showed by samba,
and Photoshop was able to display the previews of these files, but
wasn't able to open the pictures. So this user disconnected from samba
and connected again using my user name and password, and then he had no
problems opening these files.

I don't have any explanation for this behaviour, especially since all
files here are created using mode 775, so everyone should be able to
read them atalk creates the files in mode 664, but the atalk users
belong to the same group as the samba users do.

Especially when you have thousand of files and directories, it can take
a while until you remark that some files aren't existing any more.

So please keep your eyes open.

Best regards,

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