Samba Guest Account

Crilly, Jim JCrilly at
Fri Dec 18 21:02:21 GMT 1998

Wow I'm sending my second cry for help before the first even gets a reply,
I'm starting to feel like a moron because I have no idea how I caused this
current hitch. Here's the story: I was trying to add an acct called
"administrator" to samba which has an enabled,good linux acct. I never did
get that acct working for some unknown reason, but what happened as a result
of my playing is that smbclient -L PGH0710(my samba server) fails with an
invalid/passwd combo. I never touched the nobody acct, so I'm lost as to why
this started failing.
In my smb user map I have nobody = guest pcguest smbguest (again I did not
edit this ), I believe that doesn't matter though because I disabled the
user map and the same thing happened.

Any thoughts?


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