Very strange, couldn't stat ".": another question...

Bruce Tenison btenison at
Fri Dec 18 08:33:14 GMT 1998

Should I be concerned about getting the
[1998/12/18 07:15:07, 0] lib/doscalls.c:dos_GetWd(405)
  Very strange, couldn't stat "."

error in the logs?  I've noticed that it is occuring in some of the log
files for users and not in others.  I've looked in the source as to where
this is occuring and added a path=%s\n",path to the DEBUG line to maybe
see which UNIX directory is the culprit.

Am I correct in my reading of the source that all this is doing is seeing
if the current directory exists, and if so, grabbing the inode?

One more...  Could this be related to my previous oplock problem?


BTW,  Samba version 2.0.0Beta4 and Linux RedHat 5.2

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