Problem de mangling

isabelle_michard at isabelle_michard at
Fri Dec 18 12:47:02 GMT 1998

     Hi all !
     I'm new on this mailing list...
     We have just installed samba v1.9.18p4.
     But we have problems with mangling of file names.
     We would like to preserve the case of windows files > 8 char. when 
     copying files to the server. However, we want to keep 8.3 format files 
     in lower case.
     The question is : how to configure all the mangling parameters ?
     Example :
     file ThisIsAFile.Document becomes the same (>8.3 preserve case)
     file Document.doc becomes document.doc (8.3 = lower case)
     Thank you for helping us !
     Isabelle MICHARD //\/\

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