Repost: Browsing across subnets (again)

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Fri Dec 18 01:36:32 GMT 1998


On Thu, 17 Dec 1998 22:00:21 +1100, Gary Stainburn wrote:

>I'm sorry if people are getting fed up with my question, but I didn't get a 
response from the first post, and I didn't even see the second post appear in the 

I promise you: it has been here.

>this is probably a common problem and FAQ [...]

Yes. It's handled in detail in docs/BROWSE*txt.

>I've got two subnets, at Leeds and at 
>At Leeds, I've got samba running as browse master and WINS server - workgroup 
LEEDS.  At Doncaster I've got samba running as browse master and WINS client - 
>workgroup DONCASTER.

Do you have "remote announce" and "remote browse sync" in you smb.conf's?

>From docs/BROWSING-Config.txt:

	If each network segment is configured with it's own Samba WINS server, 
	then the only way to get cross segment browsing to work is by using the 
	"remote announce" and the "remote browse sync" parameters to your smb.conf 

Hasta la vista,

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