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Thu Dec 17 19:14:16 GMT 1998

> From: Gary Stainburn <gary.stainburn at>
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> Subject: Repost: Browsing across subnets (again)
> Hi All,
> this is probably a common problem and FAQ but I can't the solution.
> I've got two subnets, at Leeds and 
> at Doncaster.

I presume the first subnet adress is and that .1. in the third 
octet is a typo?

> At Leeds, I've got samba running as browse master and WINS server - 
> workgroup LEEDS.  At Doncaster I've got samba running as browse master 
> and WINS client - workgroup DONCASTER.
> All PC's at all sites are WINS clients to the Leeds samba, and have the 
> appropriate workgroup.
> WINS is working fine with the Leeds PC holding WINS details for 
> everyone, and the two browse masters are working fine, holding the 
> browse details for their respective workgroup/subnets.
> [no stuff in Network Neighbourhood]

What do you see in the Network Neighbourhood window?  Just the local 

What are the 'domain master =', 'local master =', etc. lines in smb.conf 
on the various machines?

What's in /opt/samba/var/locks/browse.dat and wins.dat, etc.  Perhaps not 
post all of them here, but are the domains and master browsers mentioned 
in those files correctly?

What are the permissions to reach (and read) the browse.dat and wins.dat 
files?  I once had a problem where this all went wrong because onto the 
user 'samba' could read those files (and the normal users, who own the 
smbd processes couldn't)?

  - Bob

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