Once more into the breech (browsing problems)

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Dec 17 17:23:27 GMT 1998

> We just got our first NT box, which is another new wrinkle...
> Anyway, the LAN just went belly-up again yesterday, and when the
> LAN guy disconnected my linux/samba box from the network, Network
> Neighborhood came right back.  I still don't think it's a
> linux/samba problem, but I'm certainly no authority on network
> troubleshooting (but then, neither is our LAN guy...).

	Look at the NT box, and see if it has NetBLOOIE and
	Novell protocols installed.  If so, make them go

	There is a know problem with browsing: a Windows box
	may decide to provide browsing on NetBEUI, Novell
	or TCP/IP protocols.  If it chooses TCP/IP, browsing works.

	If it chooses NetBLOOIE, it doesn't find the Samba
	server, and decides it "won the election". It then
	provides network neighborhood on blooie only.  Which
	is unreachable by anyone but it!

	Disconnecting Samba caused the clients to call for another
	election, and this time someone on TCP/IP.

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