Samba as browse master

Crilly, Jim JCrilly at
Wed Dec 16 16:20:40 GMT 1998

I currently have my samba 2.0.0 B3 running as a toy. While trying to force
samba to be the browse master for my workgroup(Comm-GRP) I noticed several
computers said I was not the browse master and some said I was, when I read
the log.nmb. what I found was "Unable to find Domain Master Browser name
COMM-GRP<1b> for the workgroup Comm-GRP"
"Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup"

I believe it is because the current browse master is on a different subnet
than my box, he is on and I am on Anyone know
how I can make samba the browsemaster for the workgroup independent of the

in my smb.conf I had:
OS level = 65
remote announce =
remote browse sync =
wins server =
name resolve order = host wins bcast

Thanks in advance,
	Jim Crilly

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