Why does oplocks = False not seem to stop file cacheing?

David J. Reiter dave at davidr.sd.logicon.com
Wed Dec 16 15:51:58 GMT 1998

On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

> >
> > Whatever I try the PC still shows me the old version of a file
> > after I modify it on the unix side. If anyone can see anything
> > wrong with my smb.conf file please let me know. Thanks in
> > advance,
> >
> Do you mean, you open file on PC (e.g. with notepad), then _close_ it on PC,
> modify on Unix, open _again_ on PC and still see the old content? I just did
> it on samba-2.1prealpha from WinNT and it works O.K. Oplocks have nothing to
> do with it, as they are hold only as long as file is open. If it does not
> work for you - what OS/version etc do you have?

  Yes this is what I mean. We are running samba on a sparc 10/Solaris
  2.5.1 machine. The PC is running Win 95, and also has novelle netware.
  I have seen the sambe behavior running samba 2.0 beta 4 and 1.9.18p10.

  If you have any ideas what might be causing the problem please let me 
  know, Thanks,


> If you mean, you have file _opened_ on PC, modify on Unix, and wonder, why
> it is not changed on PC - this is normal. Why should it change on PC? PC has
> no way to know, that file was modified on Unix and never tries to update it.
> As far as PC is concerned, file was fully read.
> The point in setting oplocks off is to let _Unix_ see changes made on PC -
> not other way round.
> /andrej

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