Difference between samba 2.0.0beta4 and NT4.0 ?

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at sni.de
Wed Dec 16 13:01:03 GMT 1998

>    I edited the shortcut-properties (replacing K:\foo.txt with
>    \\sun100\tmp\foo.txt) and NT4-explorer accepted it (if the path
>    is not correct the explorere gives me an error-message).
>    If I then do a doubleclick on the shortcut, nothing happend,
>    no notepad or error-message copmes up. A real Microsoft-NT-server can
>    handle the UNC-name in the shortcut-properties, I've tried it.

I tried it here with both with samba-2.0.0beta4 and 2.1prealpha. I can
create shortcut with UNC on NT pointing to samba (both versions) and on
samba pointing to other samba. All works. I double click on it and get
notepad (the file is boot.ini). So something is different. I have pretty
vanilla setup on both; both samba's are running with domain securtiy.

Can you check, what is really in lnk file (use someting like od or hd). May
be, a simple typo?


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