Samba 2.0 beta 4 on Linux (RedHat 5.2)

Scott D. Webster swebster at
Tue Dec 15 22:53:38 GMT 1998

Fellow samba users,

	I had some problems with trying to get samba running properly on
Linux (RedHat 5.2), but now I've got it working.

	Two things I learned:
1)	Use the packaging/RedHat/ script.  It will generate a
	RedHat compatible rpm for you.  I had to make these changes to it

--8<------------------------(Cut Here)-----------------------------------
---	Mon Dec 14 22:52:41 1998
+++	Tue Dec 15 17:42:30 1998
@@ -5,10 +5,10 @@
 SPECDIR=`rpm --showrc | awk '/^specdir/ { print $3}'`
 SRCDIR=`rpm --showrc | awk '/^sourcedir/ { print $3}'`
-( cd ../../.. ; tar czvf ${SRCDIR}/samba-2.0.0beta4.tar.gz samba-2.0.0beta4 )
+( cd ../../.. ; chown -R root.root samba-2.0.0beta4; tar czvf ${SRCDIR}/samba-2.0.0beta4.tar.gz samba-2.0.0beta4 )
 cp -a *.spec $SPECDIR
 cp -a *.patch smb.* samba.log $SRCDIR
-chown -R root.root samba-2.0.0beta4
+cd $SRCDIR             #  These lines are probably
+chown -R root.root *   #  not needed with this method.
 rpm -ba -v samba2.spec
----------------------------(Cut Here)-----------------------------------

2)	'smbpasswd' seems to mark a user as disabled when changing the
	password from the "XXX~" setting to a proper password UNLESS you
	use the "-e" (enable) switch.  That took me a little while to
	figure out.

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