once more password problem

Roman Blöth bloeth at gosub.de
Mon Dec 14 15:27:33 GMT 1998

O.k. then, this one really is strange to me:

I have samba 2.0.0beta3 compiled and installed and started (running now)
on our linux 2.0.35-file server.

Testparm simply says everything is fine. Since I'm having some trouble
anyway, I stepped through DIAGNOSIS.txt.

Tests 1 through 6 work just fine.

I also get all shares on each Win95-client using each valid user name -
the homes-section reflects that the user name and password seem to be
correct, at least Win95 can obviously connect to all the shares samba
shall export, using the different user names and passwords.

But then there's some trouble with step 7 of the diagnosis-file:

Perhaps it's normal that I can't use "smbclient '\\SERVERNAME\TMP'" but
have to use the server's ip-address instead, though /etc/hosts is
configured quite straightforward (and right), but the server doesn't
have a permanent connection to a DNS, so I use "dns proxy = No" in the
global section of my smb.conf. When I try to connect using the host
name, smbclient tries to connect to the ISDN-card, which is the first
interface listed in /etc/hosts, which might be the cause for this
problem. O.k., so when I use the ip-address it seems to work.

So I type "./smbclient '//' (gosub being the main
share for files used by all clients) and am prompted for a password. So
I then type in the password that belongs to the user name I'm originally
logged in to the server, though I did a 'su' - the root-password will
not work here.

Now comes the trouble: The only password that seems to be working when I
use 'smbclient' is my proper password belonging to my user name. Even
when I use the -U - switch with smbclient, trying all the different
client's user names, the only password that is accepted is my own one.
Each other try simply give me the following error:

session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password
pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)

Does anyone know what is wrong here?

Any help/hint much aprreciated,
Roman Blöth.

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