Samba 2.0 stuff for a newbie

Scott D. Webster swebster at
Mon Dec 14 15:05:16 GMT 1998

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Bill Parker wrote:

> Hello, 
> 	This is my 2nd attempt at running Samba on my linux box at work, but i
> thought i would ask some basic questions:  
> 	David Bandel suggested i upgrade to 2.0, so i did..:)
> 	Now, what i want to do is the following:
> 	Be able to access the linux box from a 95/98 or NT workstation, now i know
> this can be done since my box "odie" showed up in the network neighborhood
> list on a few machines, but i couldn't log into it if i double clicked on
> "odie"...can someone give me a few pointers? (I don't have a printer
> attached to the linux box, if that makes it easier)...

	2.0 isn't working on linux for me either.  It appears to be a
problem w/ authentication.  I can't log in from a Win98 box or from the
same machine w/ smbclient.  SWAT won't authenticate either.  I haven't had
much of a chance to try and track this down.  Must be some sort of
autoconf/make problem (maybe a missing library?).
	I'd suggest that Linux users use the last pre-2.0 version until
this gets fixed.

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