communication between: a server Samba and a PC client

Josiane Tack Josiane.Tack at
Mon Dec 14 11:18:49 GMT 1998


I have just install the samba soft on a Solaris 2.5 station.

For the beginning, I try to print whith a PC Window's 95 configuration on a 
printer define on my server Samba.

In my office, The PC are enable to communicate this a Novell Server.

When I try to print with a PC via Samba, it is possible, if in a first time, I 
connect me on the server Novell (authentification database of Novell), then I 
can send a job via the server samba to the printer...

But, it is not what I want to do. I want to print whithout communication this 
Novell server...

I have to kind of questions:

1 - What protocole are necessary to communicate whith a PC on a Samba server?
The documentation explain PC need TCP/IP with NetBios. But, whith this 
configuration I can't connunicate, why?

2 - I want to authentificate connection to the samba server with unix NIS 
database and not Novell database, how can I do this?

I send my configuration of smb.conf file:

# Global parameters
        workgroup = "I put here the NIS name..."
        netbios name = STATION1
        server string = Serveur Samba
        password server = station1
        protocol = LANMAN1
        announce version = 
        announce as = win95
        name resolve order = host lmhosts wins bcast
        domain master = Yes
        hosts allow = "I put here my IP domain"

        comment = HP4M Postscript, labo GT, 4eme etage
        path = /tmp/samba/lp-spool/hp4mp_4_gt
        username = "two username for the test"
        valid users = @grgeophy (the usernames are include in this group)
        hosts allow = "two IP number of PC are put here, the PC of the test..."
        print ok = Yes
        postscript = Yes
        printer name = hp4m_4_gt
        printer driver = 
        printer driver location = 

There is something wrong in my configuration of smb.conf?

\\station1\hp4m_4_gt it's ok via Novell connection
\\station\hp4m_4_gt , station1 is unknown in the over case....
I would like to have the good way to configure a Window's 95 PC....

protocole, net (microsoft, Netware....)

Josiane Tack

p.s. excuse-me for my bad english...

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