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Valentijn Sessink valentyn at
Sun Dec 13 23:45:55 GMT 1998

At 09:55 12-12-98 +1100, Mike wrote:
>interfaces =
>	The problem is that browsing works only on the ethernet side of
>things.  All machines point to pendor for their WINS server, but pendor
>only acts as the WINS server for the FIRST interface listed in the config
>file.  I did switch them, so I know it's not one of the subnets being bad
>or anything.
>	Is there a way to make Samba serve WINS on both subnets at the
>same time?  I'd really like browsing to work right for the whole
>network...  Or is there another way around it, even if it's by using
>another machine on one side to act as the master browser of that subnet?

I don't know what causes your problem. I do know though, that I had a WINS
server on three subnets, one being a subnet with a real IP, one being a
'fake' subnet for a real IP (a kind of arp-proxying but with a subnet) and the third being a subnet for Now
browsing seemed to be working very badly, I do not know why, but I suspect
the WINS/browselist on a router. Last week I changed the arp-proxything
into real arp-proxying, and it seems that browsing works better now. So
maybe the WINS and/or browselist on a machines with more IP's is a problem?
(Now I have only 2 IP numbers in the WINS, I used to have 4)

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