Samba as NBNS for an OS/2 network

Brian R. Landy brlandy at
Thu Dec 10 19:35:18 GMT 1998

I'm trying to set up Samba (1.9.18p10) to work as an NBNS in a Warp Server network.  I have the 
machine (running RedHat 5.2) set up, and nmbd is registering the names of OS/2 workstations and 
servers.  If I do a local logon at a workstation, I can NET USE, etc. to any of the servers, 
including the DC.  However, a domain logon fails - the domain controller can't be contacted.  I 
have turned on LM Announce.

The domain controller is called RAHTEST1, domain RAHTEST.  It registers these names:


The domain is given an IP address of, the rest IP addresses of the server.  I'm 
not relaly concerned with using Samba as an SMB server itself (at this time), I just want it to 
provide NBNS services.  We do have a routed IP network, and the DC, workstation, and Redhat box 
are on different subnets.  The OS/2 systems are configured as P-Node (use NBNS, no broadcasts).  
Thanks a lot!

Brian Landy
brlandy at

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