ntuser.dat corrupt?

George Scolaro georges at cognigine.com
Wed Dec 9 20:04:01 GMT 1998

I'm new to this list but we've been using Samba on our Sun Ultra running
Solaris (Sunos 5.6) for several months. We have a single x86 NT server and
several NT, '95 and '98 workstations on the network.

We are running Samba 1.9.18p10 and were running 1.9.18.p4 previously. We are
running with no password encryption. The following problem occurred in both

The problem we're having is NT workstation specific. What happens is that at
some point a user comes to me and says he can no longer log onto the Sun via
Network Neighbourhood (i.e. to get at the shared directories etc on the
Sun) - no matter how many times we try and enter the correct username and
password - we get a username/password error.

If I delete NTUSER.DAT from the user's winnt\profiles\'username' directory
and replace it with a backup everything works again - until something
'corrupts' NTUSER.DAT again.

Also, if I logout of the NT workstation and back in as a different user
(e.g. me), I can get to the Sun - so the problem is specific to a particular
user - i.e. his/her NTUSER.DAT file.

Anyone have any ideas of what is happening? I tried searching the Samba
archives but couldn't find anything describing this situation.


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