two questions: mailing list & public shares

Thu Dec 10 01:07:51 GMT 1998

The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> Morning...
>         First off, is there a non-digest version of this list available?^

YES - there is.
Write an email to  "listproc at" with the message "set
samba mail ack" and you will get the non-digest version

>         Second, and more important, from reading the docs, the following
> 'share' should not prompt me for a
> # This one is useful for people to share files
> [tmp]
>    comment = Temporary file space
>    path = /tmp
>    read only = no
>    public = yes
So far so good. Same as on my system ...

>         If this is correct, then there is a problem here, since I can't
> mount the share without one :(

What about your global section? Have you set any "guest account" /
"share modes" / "security" / ... ??? I´m pretty sure, that your problem
is related to your global section. I make a bet that you cannot mount
any other share without a password ...

>         What I'm trying to do is create a simple share that contains the
> two .reg files in it, so that ppl can mount that first, fix the 'passwd
> issue' and then proceed to mount their regular shares...but until the
> 'passwd issue' is fixed, they can't seem to mount anything :(
>         Help?  Running 2.0b1 still, so this might have been a bug, maybe,
> in b1 and fixed in b2?

I haven´t tested 2.0 til yet ...

kind regards

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