smbclient and WIN95

Greg Schraiber GregSchraiber at Custos-Arc.Com
Tue Dec 8 21:53:24 GMT 1998

I am have a problem getting smbclient to 'print' text files
to my WIN95 client.
I am issuing the print job from the AIX system prompt using
the following command:
smbp <text file>
Where 'smbp' is a shell script with the following code.
        echo "print -"
        cat $1
) | /usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient "\\\\greg\\lexmark"  -N

My PC name is 'greg'
The printer is shared as 'lexmark', no user restrictions

Upon executing the script the lexmark control program is
launched but nothing prints.
If I open print manager and pause the printer, resubmit the
print job, I can see a job listed.
Un-pausing the printer causes the job to flow out but
nothing prints.
Executing smbclient manually and entering the print command
from the smb> prompt produces the same results.

Any one else experience this kind of behavior?
Any suggestions, comments would be appreciated


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