[Trouble #6512] Samba shares not accessible

Kitty Ferguson ferguson at hao.ucar.edu
Tue Dec 8 17:39:04 GMT 1998

Some excerpts from the archives helped define our problem and we will do some 
short term solutions as well as plan the upgrade:

>From the sounds of your network you only have Win95 machines on the
network - this means that any machine could be a browse master, and when
that machine is rebooted, bang goes your browse list. The solution here
is to pick a machine that is the server, and make it the only machine
eligible to be browse master by switching off eligibility in your
clients, or make your Samba server the browse master (Samba has declared
itself the highest in the food chain, and beats WinNT in elections by

> SMB networking provides a mechanism by which clients can access a list
of machines that are available within the network.  This list is called
the browse list and is heavily used by all SMB clients.  Configuration
of SMB browsing has been problematic for some Samba users, hence this

Versions of Samba previous to 1.9.17 had this parameter default to
yes.  If you have any older versions of Samba on your network it is
strongly suggested you upgrade to 1.9.17 or above, or at the very
least set the parameter to 'no' on all these machines. 
[We're at 1.9.16p2 and have wins support = yes set in smb.conf] 

Please ignore the last plea for help.


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