nmbd socket read errors

David Henry henryd at netvision.net.il
Mon Dec 7 07:03:05 GMT 1998

My Linux/Samba setup was working beautifully, until I was moved to a
different net. Now the Linux box is not visible to any of the Win
boxes. My investigations show the following problems:

1. 'netstat -a' shows thousand of messages in the udp/rcv queue for
ports 137/138
2. the log.nmb file has lots of 'socket read error 111' messages
3. nmblookup -B own-address does not return my IP address
4. nmblookup -B remote-address does return remote's IP address

All I've done to the Linux box is reconfigure IP addresses. I'm
pretty sure thats OK because all other traffic works. smbclient can
access remote SMB servers OK, mail & news OK, I run X over the net

This is driving me nuts!

David Henry Ph (972) 4 872 1601 Fx (972) 4 842 1375  

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