IP address to WINS address?

Peter Amstutz tetron at student.umass.edu
Sun Dec 6 20:44:22 GMT 1998

Is it possible to use smbclient to look up the WINS address of a computer
given only its IP address (or DNS hostname)?  I've been trying for two
days and looked through all the documentation, and the total amout of
information on doing anything useful with smbclient amount to exactly one
file - the man page, which I have read and is no help.

For example, I try to connect to a windows machine across the room from
me, using only its IP address:

$ ./smbclient -L dummy -I
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
session request to DUMMY failed
session request to *SMBSERVER failed

I've tried a few other combinations of options, all of which give the same
error.  Oddly enough, other linux machine running samba respond to this,
but windows machine just won't.  This basically makes general browsing of
the local subnet IMPOSSIBLE with smbclient...  It's very annoying, since
samba is so great on the server side and so limited on the client side...
Isn't the client side is simpler, and more generally useful to people who
are on primariy windows networks and need to get shares off of other

A Network-Neighborhood-like interface to smbclient would be really great,
and I would write such a frontent if I could just figure out how to get
the necessary information OUT of smbclient...

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