Changing file permissions from NT

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Fri Dec 4 16:20:17 GMT 1998

> We run a Network of Suns (running Samba) and PC-NT (version 4, sp3) 
> machines, at work, and find it very annoying to be unable to change 
> the file permissions of files from NT on the Suns. Is there any way 
> to change the permissions from NT file explorer or otherwise ?
> Dave Kirkby 

I too have asked about this and really there is nothing much that can be done 
simply - basicly Windows sees a DOS filesystem (as offered by Samba) and all 
that can be changed is the Write bits (via read-only flag) and execute bits to 
match system and hidden attributes.

There is a work around in using "magic files" which allow a user to execute 
command under unix - a bit risky and too general in my view.

Of course you can set what the permissions will be for all files & directories 
within a share will be and by and large that is adequate.

See samba archives - back to 10th Nov - especially excellent summary by Mac 
<dmccann at> - digest 1872

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