Windows 3.1 and Samba

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Thu Dec 3 22:37:27 GMT 1998

>Has anybody got some experience with connecting machines running Windows3.1
>or WfWG (3.11)  to Samba? We would like to run a small lab network with
>user accounts and a shared printer off the samba box. Samba is running fine
>and there's no problem to connect to it from the Win95/WinNT machines...
>Any help appreciated.
>Frank Wornle,
>Glasgow Caledonian University
>Dept. of Engineering
It works great with WFWG 3.11 after you add the TCP/IP-32 protocol to the
network drivers.  This is not part of the standard WFWG package - you have
to download it from the Microsoft WEB site.  I don't remember the file
name offhand, but if you have problems finding it, let me know and I will
go find the name...

If you want to use stock Win 3.1, you could use the msclient or lanmanager
packages for dos.  The msclient package works well when you don't need to
share any resources from the pc you are running it on.  I use it to store
files on the server when upgrading hard drives on a system when I cann't
just transfere files from the old hard drive to the new one...
Just be carefull - the basic redirector wants uses encripted passworks.


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