Samba 2.0 oplocks (PR#11706)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Dec 3 18:46:20 GMT 1998

phl at wrote:
> >From the Samba 2.0 beta announcement:
> 5). Cross protocol data integrity
> ---------------------------------
> An open function interface has been defined to allow
> "opportunistic locks" (oplocks for short) granted by Samba
> to be seen by other UNIX processes.  This allows complete
> cross protocol (NFS and SMB) data integrety using Samba
> with platforms that support this feature.
> Does this include netatalk connectivity?  Occasionally I need to build a
> box with both SMB and AppleTalk connectivity to support a mixed Windows
> and Mac environment.

This includes all accesses to a Samba oplocked file from
UNIX, either via NFS or a local process. So an AppleTalk
daemon running on UNIX would definately break Samba oplocks

*However* - currently this interface (which is a UNIX kernel
interface) is *only* implemented in SGI IRIX versions 6.5.2f 
and above (and it only got done there as SGI pay me to work
on Samba and I asked them to do it :-).

What is needed is for people to write and donate the 
code for the Linux and FreeBSD kernels to implement this
interface (it's not *too* hard, an SGI kernel engineer
did this in a couple of weeks). I have personal commitments
from both Linus speaking on behalf of the Linux kernel work, 
and Jordan Hubbard of the FreeBSD project that they would
include such code if it's written, so it's worth doing.

In addition I'd like other UNIX vendors such as Sun, HP and
IBM to add this in also, but I have less hope of that happening
(the "not invented here syndrome" :-). But I'd *love* to be
proved wrong :-) :-).

Jeremy Allison,
Samba Team.

Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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