Smbclient bind to IP

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Thu Dec 3 15:07:29 GMT 1998

> We are running a Sequent unix database server that uses smbclient to print through the NT servers.  Our network 
> has mulitple sites connected via frame relay.  Now the problem;  we have been attempting to tune the network to 
> improve database response.  And would like to have the smbclient bind to a second IP address on our Sequent box 
> so we can prioritize traffic based upon the source IP address.  Will smbclient support this ?  Does anyone want 
> this ?  I could hack the code to add it, but don't want to create a non-standard smbclient that I would have to 
> support.

I guess the "Interfaces" option in smb.conf does the trick. This will
however also let smbd and nmbd bind to the addresse(s) given there. If you
don´t want this, you have to use a separate smb.conf for them.

Greetings, Florian Pflug

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