AW: where to get timesync.pif ?

Rudolf Kollien Rudolf.Kollien at
Thu Dec 3 12:50:16 GMT 1998

Hi Geoff,

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro wrote:

>You may instruct Windows to run the PIF every time you log on, for instance
>moving it to the "Start Menu/Programs/Start" folder or writing its name
>the LOAD= line in (ouch!) WIN.INI. Don't try to have it run before logon;
>won't work.

If you log in to your samba server (domain logon) use "NET TIME \\SERVERNAME
/SET /YES" in the logon script. It's easier to maintain.

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> Betreff: where to get timesync.pif ?
> The Samba FAQ mentions a program called timesync to update the
> system clock on clients from the server.  The download address in the
> FAQ is out of date - where can I get a copy ?
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