No permisscion to access resource

Panyarak Aaron Ngamsritragul panya at
Thu Dec 3 22:03:17 GMT 1998

This is not an old question.  I asked this question and
someone has responded but still have not totally phased
out the problem.

I have upgarded from 1.9.18p5 to 1.9.18p8.  Neither p10
nor 2.0 because a lot of problems still reported on 
the list.  Hopefully someone will respond to my 

My network consists of one linux box running samba server,
one Novell Netware 3.12 (to be phased out soon), and about
15 win95 clients.

What I am facing is the error like "\\SAMBA_SERVER is not accessible
No permission to access resource"

This does not happen every time I started the win95 client.
And this will never happen if 
	- one uses the same password in windows network and linux
	- at least a permanent share is assigned to reconnect 
          during startup of win95 client.

However, if one uses password in windows network which is different
from the one he uses in linux, then there is high possibility that
this error will happen.

I have set Browser Master to Disable for all win95 clients and
let alone samba server be master browser.

Can anyone give me a hand ?  Thanks.

Panyarak Ngamsritragul
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prince of Songkla University.

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