W95/98 connect to any SMB share as another user? (SAMBA dige

Ludek Babor Babor at Glavunion.cz
Wed Dec 2 09:51:12 GMT 1998

> Date: 30 Nov 1998 20:22:27 GMT
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> Subject: W95/98 connect to any SMB share as another user?
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> map H: as \\machine1\share1 as username=John, password=JohnsPassword map
> M: as \\machine2\share2 as username=Jane, password=JanesPassword
> Even logging out and back in will only allow one of these to be mounted
> at a time.  Some of these shares are on Samba, but some are not.

On Samba you can try this:
Net Use \\Machine1\share1%John
Net Use \\Machine2\share2%Jane

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