smbmounted shares don't stay mounted

Tom Holroyd tomh at
Wed Dec 2 04:43:36 GMT 1998

I'm running Linux 2.1.130 on an AXP, with Samba 2.0 beta 2.  I have smbfs
enabled in the kernel with Win 95 bug fixes enabled but I'm not running
smbd.  The server containing the share is an HP running Samba 1.9.16p11. 
I mount the share with
	smbmount //hpname/share -c 'mount /home/me/mydir'

All is well for a while (~1 hour), but then I get

kernel: smb_get_length: recv error = 5
kernel: smb_request: result -5, setting invalid
kernel: smb_retry: caught signal
kernel: smb_retry: caught signal

and the share is gone.  Furthermore, the window where I executed smbmount
starts to ask for the password again, but as it has given up the pty
there's no way to type it in again.  The smbmount processes exits and the
mount point is left pointing at nothing and has to be removed by root. 

P.S. I had to #undef HAVE_SETRESUID because setresgid() seems to be
missing from this configuration, but otherwise everything is

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