/etc/lmhosts (fwd)

Panyarak Aaron Ngamsritragul panya at me.psu.ac.th
Wed Dec 2 15:20:37 GMT 1998

Sorry to send the same questions again.  I have to do this
because I did not get any response from the list.  I have 
gone through the documentation and it says that not much
is known about lmhosts because MS refused to document it !

Anyway, if you know of any good pointers I can go and find
the answer, please let know.  Thank you.

Here are my questions
	1. Does anyone have a good sample of the lmhosts file ?
	   If yes, could you please post one in the list ?
	2. I have set my samba server to act as a wins server too.
	   Does this require that lmhosts file be present ?

Thank you.

Panyarak Ngamsritragul
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prince of Songkla University.

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