security = server with password server = %m

Steven Grunza steven.grunza at
Tue Dec 1 18:47:36 GMT 1998

  I'm having a problem with a samba (v1.9.17p2) server.  I can't control 
the configuration of it and any time any thing in smb.conf is changed, 
stuff breaks so the admin won't make any changes.  My problem is with the 
following two lines:

   security = server
   password server = %m

  Since I'm connecting from a Window 98 system, my PC isn't playing nice 
during the authentication.  If my PC is in share level security, I get:

negprot w/password server as 25954pc-grunza-p
pc-grunza-p isn't in user level security mode
pc-grunza-p not connected

  If I put my PC in user level security, I get:

negprot w/password server as 26732pc-grunza-p
pc-grunza-p rejected the protocol
pc-grunza-p not connected

  Does anyone have any ideas/thoughts on this?

Steven Grunza		
mailto:steven_grunza at
flames: /dev/null

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