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Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at
Tue Dec 1 10:14:30 GMT 1998

Christian Barth wrote:
> > I tried increasing the logging level but this is an
> > extremely busy file server and trying to find the log
> > output from this one particular process was pretty
> > impossible.
> I haven't a solution to your problem. But may be a hint
> to this:  You can define differnt log files for different
> PC, users (and shares?). So You should be able to sort out
> the data you need. Look in man smb.conf if "debuig level"
> can be definde on a per shere basis as well.
> Christian

Indeed I have samba configured this way i.e. my smb.conf file contains a

  log file = /var/opt/samba/log.%m

there are other things you could put in instead of %m which all all
documented in the man entry for smb.conf.

The other technique worth noting is that it is possible to increase and
decrease the log level whilst samba is running with the USR1 and USR2

Doing this will only affect the process to which you send the signal so
if you are trying to increase the log level for a client that is already
connected then you need to use smbstatus to find the process ID of the
smb process serving that client and then send the USR1 signal to that
process only.  This has the advantage that the other clients continue
with the default log level so it doesn't fill up the disks so fast.

If the problem occurs before the client connects then it is the main
smbd process that needs to be sent the signal (you can find the main
smbd process because its parent process ID will be 1 whilst the others
will have the main smbd process as their parent) and that new log level
will be inherited by the child smbd process that services that client
once the connection has been established.

Hope this helps.
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