Samba 2.0- Alpha 15 (AIX & smbwrapper)

Jeff Darby jdarby at
Tue Dec 1 01:19:54 GMT 1998


After compiling samba 2.0-alpha-15 on one of my AIX 4.2.1 boxes I
discovered that while the configure script accurately detected the ability
of the OS to create PIC it did not disable the smbwrapper application. On
AIX direct system calls are not made using syscall.h (The file does not
exist), system calls are made with direct statements rather than a number
lookup. I read the porting file (afterwards) which did not include AIX as a
trialled platform. The point of this mail is to let the developers know
that the configure script should test exclusively for AIX and remove the
smbwrapper build in the makefile. This may have been obvious to most people
but I thought it worth noting. To get around the problem I forced WRAP=""
in the configure script and everything compiled fine.

Are there plans to support AIX with this utility ? For portability there
would be quite a bit of re-coding involved. I do not have the knowledge or
time to perform this, I hope someone out there has.

Thanks for your attention.

Jeff Darby
A. Goninan & Co.
Structural Design Engineer
Unix System Administrator

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