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Mon Aug 31 20:44:47 GMT 1998

I have been reading John blair's book "SAMBA:Intergrating UNIX and
Windows".  There is a reference in the book to Authenticationoptions on
page 66 for LAN Encripyted Password Support.  I found these lines a
version 1.9.16p11

# This is for SMB encrypted (lanman) passwords.
# you may wish to add -DREPLACE_GETPASS if your getpass() is limited
# to 8 chars
# DES_BASE=/usr/local/libdes
# DES_LIB= -L$(DES_BASE) -ldes

My question is were these file deliberately let out because they are no
longer needed??

I ask because I am using security = user and I am getting the error "The
account is not authorized to login from this station"  when I try to
mount a samba drive from my pc.  If you do a search of Microsoft's
Knowledge base, it says the cause of this error is "Some non-Microsoft
SMB servers only support unencrypted (plain text) password exchange
during authentication".  According to the SAMBA book, you can either
compile samba with the above options or by making registry changes to
each pc.  Of course I prefer to touch only one samba server versus many

Should these lines be in the Makefile or are they incorporated already?

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