The Empire Strikes Back

Anthony Ord samba at
Mon Aug 31 19:13:53 GMT 1998

Remember folks, every time a MicroSoftie sees you using Samba, their
employer has kissed goodbye to at least 500 GBP (5 user license, UK
prices). They seem to be changing the API to make samba look bad
(recent win98 fsync flag bit) and I'm surprised bad-mouthing doesn't
happen more.

It might be an idea to get the MicroSoftie to put his assertion in
writing, casually mentioning you are going to file with CERT/bug watch
etc with him as a named source. See if he puts his money where his
mouth is. But do it in front of witnesses (your network guy). Remember
to let us know ;-).


On Mon, 31 Aug 1998 18:09:10 +1000, "Roeland M.J. Meyer"
<rmeyer at> wrote:

>If this is true then somebody needs to file with CERT, against NT <grin>.
>At 04:42 AM 8/31/98 +1000, Juan Carlos Castro y Castro wrote:
>>Unbelievable! These guys get more and more disgusting each day.
>>But now I have a proof that Linux and all its free software community
>(samba included) are
>>indeed growing and are indeed consideder a threat by M$. Expect more and
>dirtier moves.
>>Can you guys point me to more material on the subject?
>>[]'s, Juan
>>>  From: "Le Quellec, Francis" <FLeQuell at>
>>>  Hi, we use a Windows NT to authenticate our users and I have a subnet
>with a
>>>  Linux server as the router for that subnet.
>>>  I run samba-the-latest on Linux and I was told by a   Microsoft guy that
>>>  this server may be the cause of the security problem on the NT server.  It
>>>  seems that samba is corrupting the user database on the NT server and my
>>>  network admin thinks that the Linux server is the cause.
>>This is not (yet again) the scare that MS started over Samba
>>breaking NT? If an NT server database can be corrupted by
>>Samba queries, there is something drastically wrong with
>>NT, not with Samba.
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