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Langsteiner Martin ZFF IE-F martin.langsteiner at
Mon Aug 31 12:18:02 GMT 1998

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:38, Judy Padgett wrote:

> I am having trouble being able to connect to my samba server when my
> (running Win95) is on a different workgroup than the Samba server is

I am having this trouble, too. I solved the problem on (only one!) PC in
another workgroup (a WfWG 3.11) by putting an entry into this PC's local
'lmhosts.' file: samb_1    # the Samba server

Now I can connect to \\samb_1\shares... from this PC (although samb_1
still won't appear in the 'connect network drive' browse list).
I hope this helps!

BTW, Judy, what about that funny trailer of yours? I liked it so much, I
copied it to my archive ;-)
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