The Empire Strikes Back

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Mon Aug 31 07:55:54 GMT 1998

If this is true then somebody needs to file with CERT, against NT <grin>.

At 04:42 AM 8/31/98 +1000, Juan Carlos Castro y Castro wrote:
>Unbelievable! These guys get more and more disgusting each day.
>But now I have a proof that Linux and all its free software community
(samba included) are
>indeed growing and are indeed consideder a threat by M$. Expect more and
dirtier moves.
>Can you guys point me to more material on the subject?
>[]'s, Juan
>>  From: "Le Quellec, Francis" <FLeQuell at>
>>  Hi, we use a Windows NT to authenticate our users and I have a subnet
with a
>>  Linux server as the router for that subnet.
>>  I run samba-the-latest on Linux and I was told by a   Microsoft guy that
>>  this server may be the cause of the security problem on the NT server.  It
>>  seems that samba is corrupting the user database on the NT server and my
>>  network admin thinks that the Linux server is the cause.
>This is not (yet again) the scare that MS started over Samba
>breaking NT? If an NT server database can be corrupted by
>Samba queries, there is something drastically wrong with
>NT, not with Samba.

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