Case sensitivity

Nick Parker npar at
Mon Aug 31 07:26:26 GMT 1998

>I'm having a similar problem.  If a filename contains all the same case (long or short filename), NT(SP3) shows it with the first letter capitalized only, which makes actually doing anything with this file very difficult.  I have a hunch there is a registry setting which would effect this.

I don't know about any registry setting. The only way we've found to get around this is to install Internet Explorer 4 with the desktop update (new interface). You can put the settings back so that the interface is pretty much the same as before, but the nice thing is that in the display options there is one that says "ALLOW FILENAMES AS ALL CAPITALS" and with that set you see the real filenames. It seems that someone at Microsoft decided that filenames in all capitals weren't pretty, and we've only just been given an option to get around their decision.

Note that this corrects the graphics interface. The command line interface has always been correct.

Nick Parker
Berger-Levrault, France

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