Problem with SCO 5.0.2

Larry Bonham larry at
Mon Aug 31 04:35:10 GMT 1998

Has anyone been able to compile a working version of Samba using the native
compiler on SCO Openserver 5.0?  The compile completes successfully.

But I get the following on smbclient:

$ smbclient \\\\larry\\c
number of interfaces returned is: 2
Impossible netmask - using defaults
error connecting to (Connection refused)

Compile options:

# Use this for SCO OpenServer 5 with TCB passwords (default).
# contributed by Scott Michel <scottm at>
# you may also like to add the -dy switch (recommended by Marnus van
# Niekerk, mvn at
CC     = cc -Xc
LIBSM  = -lprot -lcurses -lcrypt -lsocket -lPW -lm -lx -lc_s -lc

This has occurred for the last 2 or 3 releases.  The smb.conf file works
with an identical samba version that has been compiled using gcc.

Any ideas?

Larry D. Bonham      <larry at>
Distribution 2000
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