strange behavior of net view

Christoph Pospiech pospiech at
Fri Aug 28 18:19:04 GMT 1998


I am using Samba 1.9.18p3 on AIX 4.2.1. Accessing this server from a Win95 or
OS/2 client, the command "net view" initially works fine. Then I access a share
(say a printer) with the command "net use". At first, "net view" shows
unchanged behavior. After some minutes, if both, server and client have been
idle, "net view" only shows the accessed share, not the list of available
shares, as exspected. On OS/2 even an error message is generated. To return to
the old state, I have to a restart smbd on the server side.

Has anyone seen a similar behaviour ? Can anyone explain this ?

Mit freundlichen Gruessen/Best Regards

Dr. Christoph Pospiech
IBM High Performance Support Center

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