getting started with SAMB - I think

Scherer, Mark A. SCHERERMA at
Fri Aug 28 16:31:01 GMT 1998

  I  have NT 4.0 , Solaris x86 2.5 ,  and RedHat Linux 5.0  on
       my work computer.

  The Building uses NT 4.0 as its network.  about  3000  users

  I want to just to be able to use NT 4.0  printers from unix,  and
also, but
     I don't think it's possible,  hook up with MicroSoft Exchange
     to get to my E-Mail  from UNIX.

  I can use Netscape  from  both UNIX'es above.

  I  know the Following:  

     1)     my  IP  address
     2)     my  gateway/Router ,  DNS servers ,   net mask
     3)     FTP_Proxy  -  GOPHER_Proxy  -  HTTP_Proxy  -  WAIS_Proxy
Security Proxy
     4)     When I sign on to NT 4.0  my Domain is  named "SILVER" and I
enter my user name and paswd
     5)    But the printers I use are on server named  "Gotjs06"  
     6)   Under  "my computer"  there is a drive of type network with  -
SchererMa$ on "Gotjs06" (H:)
            so I guess I'm logged onto  Gotjs06.
     7)    what I have tried so far on Solaris  is this :

              a)  put  RedHat example smb.conf  in  a place (lib) where
smbclient could find it.
              b)  edited smb.conf   and put "GOLD"  in  a place calling
for a domain name.
              c)  ran   smbclient -L  Gotjs06
              d)  it doesn't really report alot of errors but reports
server not found.



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